i ride in colour and soft focus, no longer anywhere (2017)

Last Yearz Interesting Negro

Last Yearz Interesting Negro is the independent performance project of Jamila Johnson-Small working with dance, video, sculpture, text and electronic music. Of Caribbean descent, born and based in London, Jamila likes to collaborate and has formed long term partnership with Alexandrina Hemsley working as Project O - New Wave Associate artists at Sadler's Wells and current residents at Somerset House Studios; for 7 years she worked with Mira Kautto as immigrants and animals performing in theatres, clubs and galleries between the UK and Finland; as Last Yearz Interesting Negro her regular teams includes Josh Anio Grigg (Sound Design), Jackie Shemesh (Light Design), Shelley Parker and Junior XL (music); more recently she has been working with Fernanda Munoz-Newsome, Rowdy SS and Phoebe Collings-James on separate projects and running HOTLINE with Sara Sassanelli, GUSH a semi-regular low-key DIY event.


Young London 2018

22 September to 4 November 2018, 12–6pm