The Wharf Road Project

3 to 19 October 2008 The Wenlock building

The Wharf Road Project brought more than 30 innovative contemporary artists and art initiatives together for the first time in a central location, creating a seminal showcase for the more unusual and innovative. The Wharf Road Project was not an art fair, but a large-scale exhibition featuring the best of London’s specialist and experimental art spaces, complemented by a programme of performances, screenings, music and guided tours.

Participants were each been allocated one of the 5-storey venue’s rooms to curate exhibitions which reflected their artistic endeavours and curatorial ethos.

Participants included: David Roberts Art Foundation, Martin Creed & Martin Westwood for V22, Carter Presents, David Risley Gallery, Event, The Hex, Parade, Seventeen Gallery, Stedefreund (Berlin), Supplement, Collecting Live Art, Everyday Press, Fieldgate, igloo, Linda Persson and Natasha Rees, PILOT:, Poignancy passing Muster, Tom Rowland Fine Art, Truck Art, MOT Presents: The New Dome, Fergal Stapleton courtesy of Carl Freedman, Laura White invites Alison Wilding, Bettina Buck and Phyllida Barlow, Peter Jones courtesy of Pizza Horse and the Fat Sisters, Frog Morris with Lee Campbell, Matt Williams, Dallas Seitz, Lisa Penny & Trevor Hall, Paul Pieroni

Venue info

The Wenlock building

The Wenlock Building 50-60 Wharf Rd Central London N1