Technically Illiterate, Actually Still Pagan (1 + 2)

Friday 5 October 2018, 6.30–9pm Silvertown Studios

As part of their ongoing rehistoricisation of the biography of Cynethryth, 8th century Queen of the Mercians, Carl Gent will present Technically Illiterate, Actually Still Pagan, a two-part performance that was debuted earlier this year at V22 Ilderton Project Space and the gardens of Louise House in Forest Hill. The performance re-enacts and re-formulates the beheading of Æthelburht of East Anglia and the subsequent cult of personality that arose around his decapitated head. Using a cast of human and non-human actors, some of whom will play the roles of Cynethryth, her husband Offa, their three daughters and ill-fated Æthelburht himself, the two acts of Technically Illiterate, Actually Still Pagan are extended and restaged to take place on the sculptural space of fals tru luvvers a’shore an H’agiographic dysphonia, a carnival float and daub-factory that participated in 2018's iteration of Bexhill Carnival on the south coast.

6.30pm: Technically Illiterate, Actually Still Pagan 1 

8.00pm: Technically Illiterate, Actually Still Pagan 2

Carl Gent

Venue info

Silvertown Studios

Pontoon Dock
E16 2SB

DLR: Pontoon Dock
Bus: 474