Riding DABDA+

Cheung Wing, Riding DABDA+ [still]

Riding DABDA+

3 to 31 August 2018, 9am–8pm V22 Forest Hill Library

As part of the Young London Extended Programme's FHL TEXT&VIDEO series, Isbelle ZhiZhi Southwood presents Riding DABDA+.

The series of 13 short videos is a reaction to bereavement. As well as attempting to record and convey some of the experience of loss, using found and original footage collected over the past decade, the production of the series has also functioned as a cathartic aid. An initial structural starting point for the series was the Kübler Ross model for grief, which is widely accepted by the public – the cycle of Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance, or DABDA.  The “+” in the title of the series refers to the kinks in this grief diagram - outside of the convenient acronym.

1. Functions
2. Orbit flinger
3. Forever is over
4. Wadi
5. Brewser
6. Heavy Empty (In the Morning Light)
7. Cheung wing
8. Wild Thoughts
9. Tripping tense
10. Kneads / Tides
11. Percolate
12. Other suns (I could fall up or down)
13. Satellite

Isabelle Zhizhi Southwood

Venue info

V22 Forest Hill Library

Dartmouth Road
Forest Hill
SE23 3HZ

(Next door to V22 Louise House and next door but one from Forest Hill Pools)

Overground: Forest Hill
Bus: 122, 176, 197