Betty Makoni

Betty Makoni

Betty MakoniZIMARTS Day

5 May to 3 August 2012 V22 F Block

As part of ZIMARTS Day, Betty Makoni is launching her new book and showing her documentary Tapestries of Hope.

The mother-of-three is a published author and poet whose work has led to her being appointed a gender-based violence expert for the Foreign Office and has seen her win win multiple awards for her work defending children’s rights. Since 1998, the empowerment programme she pioneered in Zimbabwe has helped up to 350,000 girls across six countries. Named by Newsweek as one of the hundred and fifty women to shake the world and Founder and Director of Girl Child Network Zimbabwe, Betty Makoni will speak about her work as Chief Executive Officer of Girl Child Network Worldwide.


Venue info

V22 F Block

100 Clements Road
SE16 4DG