Sediments (2018)

Sediments (2018)

Sediments (2018)

Wednesday 18 July 2018, 7–9pm V22 Ilderton Project Space

A solution of bones dissolved in coca-cola slowly drips onto the floor with the distant aim of forming a stalagmite.

Whether discussing deep time or the period spent waiting in a studio for dust to settle, the exhibition context does not lend itself to the experience of extended time-based processes.

Over the past year, Duncan Gibbs has been building an archive of materials. Some are encountered in residues found on the studio floor; others are collected from the wider landscape.

Through texts, publications and video archives this informal conversation will aim to expose the elements of Duncan’s practice.

Duncan Gibbs

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V22 Ilderton Project Space

Studio IL0.39
Penarth Street 
SE15 1NT